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User Guide


Products Manual

Safety Instructions:
Before installation, you must read and understand the safety and warranty instructions. Improper component installation is extremely dangerous, which may result in serious or even fatal injury. If you have any questions about component installation, please consult a professional bicycle mechanic or contact us

Installation Instructions:
Components installation requires very specialized tools and supplies. We suggest that you have Elitewheels components installed by a professional bike mechanic.

Please strictly follow the standards:

  1. About tire installation

Having your tires installed by a professional bike mechanic is recommended, please use suitable tires. Before installation, please check if the tire tread is in the right direction.

  1. About tire pressure

Firstly, the most important thing is, please check the max recommended tire pressure on the side of the tires and do not exceed this value.

60kg  rider
Tire dimension – front wheel tire pressure – rear wheel tire pressure
23mm – 95/102 psi
25mm – 91/96 psi
28mm – 86/91 psi

70kg  rider
23mm – 98/104 psi
25mm – 93/98 psi
28mm – 89/94 psi

80kg  rider
23mm – 99/105 psi
25mm – 95/100 psi
28mm – 90/95 psi

90kg  rider
23mm – 104/109 psi
25mm – 99/104 psi
28mm – 94/100 psi

Normally the max tire pressure we use is 120psi, but we think riders get their best performance below 110psi.

Tubeless tire
Please make sure you install the tubeless properly and seal it properly.
All of Elitewheels wheel sets’ tubeless designs are based on actual riding sensation and power loss values, you may need to spend some efforts in installing tubeless, but it’s definitely worth it.
Tire dimension – front wheel tire pressure – rear wheel tire pressure

60kg  rider
23mm – 86/91
25mm – 83/88
28mm – 78/83

70kg  rider
23mm – 90/95
25mm – 84/89
28mm – 81/85

80kg  rider
23mm – 93/97
25mm – 88/94
28mm – 84/88

90kg  rider
23mm – 94/97
25mm – 91/96
28mm – 87/92

The above tires pressure is for smooth road, of course you can make slight adjustment based on your riding style,road and specific tires.
On bumpy road you need to lower the tire pressure again.
You can increase the tire pressure on the smooth indoor track.

  1. About disc installation

Please use standard-sized disc, if the size is not standard, it is easy to cause damage to the indentation for mounting disc on the hub, thus causing the disc wobble.

  1. About brake pads use and installation

The standard configuration of Elitewheels & Drive is softwood brake pads, which are suitable for dry riding, wet weather can lead to degradation of braking performance. Please fix the brake pads in the right position, if it is installed in the wrong position, it will lead to rim transition loss and cause rim damage.

  1. About weight limits for riders

All Elitewheels & Drive users’ weight should be under 125kg.

Please maintain in strict accordance with the standard:

  1. About brake maintenance

Check the wear of brake pads monthly. If the grooves of the brake pads have disappeared, it indicates that the brake pads are worn and need to be replaced with new ones. If you need to replace the brake pads, please refer to the wheel brake pads manufacturer’s instructions.
Check the wheel rim brake surface for wear condition before each ride. Do not use worn carbon fiber rims on brake surface. Worn brake surface may cause rims to fail, resulting in crashes and serious injury and/or death to riders. Do not ride on such wheels if the outer braided carbon layer of the wheel brake surface is worn and thinned to expose parallel fibers.

  1. About spoke maintenance

Drive sets are made entirely of carbon spokes, which, unlike steel spokes, can be deformed or cracked when hit. Please check regularly whether the surface of the spokes is original. If the spokes are damaged or cracked, please contact us in time to replace the carbon spokes.

  1. About wheel sets tension maintenance

Please check regularly whether the wheel rotation is in the initial state. All wheel sets are set within runout 0.2mm in the original factory. If the wheel swings, snakes or shakes from side to side, please adjust the tension of the spokes through professional installers in time. For standard spoke tension values, please contact us.

  1. About bearing maintenance

Elitewheels & Drive wheel sets use ceramic bearings as standard configuration, in various riding environments, bearings can be damaged by jumping,bumping and hitting.Please remove the wheel set from the bicycle regularly and rotate the wheel when holding the axle with your finger. When you feel the stop and fall of the axle conduction through your finger, it will prove that the bearing has been damaged.

  1. About freebody maintenance

In the daily wheel cleaning, do not use high-pressure water gun to flush the freebody in order to avoid damaging the grease inside the freebody. Please perform basic maintenance and check on the freebody every 3000km.

It is strictly prohibited to use beyond the scope.

  1. All road wheels, road disc brakes, and Gravel wheels must be in accordance with the tire pressure limits, please refer to the notes.
  2. All road wheels, road disc,Gravel, and MTB wheels must be within the limits of ridersweight.
  3. About jump riding on wheels
  4. About an unconventional impact on the wheel set

All road bikes, gravel bikes within the weight limit, please maintain a jump of less than 15cm.

Riding with caution, there is a risk of rims or spokes breaking in the event of an accidental collision, resulting in injury or death