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Why does road bicycle have different rim diameters?

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The 700c(622mm/29) is the most common wheel size for road racing. While the 650b(584mm/27.5)wheel size is more for specific area. Different wheel sizes could provide unique performance according to different kinds of riding.

There are two types of wheel sizes, the first one is 650b rim diameter.It is suitable for gravel road and often used on smaller bike frames.

The 650b’s advantages are obvious. It is suitable for wide tire if there is enough space between wheel/fork and wheel/chain stay. It applies to low tire pressure, which increases traction when cornering, speeding up and braking. It also reduces rolling resistance and improve comfort when riding on bumpy road or forest-road. Besides,it is also suitable for smaller bike frame.


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However, the 650b have disadvantages. The combination of small size wheel set and wide tire would decrease acceleration and reduce response.Compared with the 700c,the 650b ‘s rollover performance and rolling resistance are worse when the tire and tire pressure are the same. Because of the rare wheel size, the choices for the tires are limited, unless being custom-made to meet cyclists’ requirements.


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The second one is 700c rim diameter.It is suitable for asphalt road and racing on gravel road.

There is a wide choice of tires for 700c, because it is recognized as a standard size for asphalt pavement. Bigger wheel size makes riding more stable. Besides, the700c can reduce the inertia when the wheel is moving.

Taking the Marvel as an example,Marvel is the most representative wheel set of Elitewheels,which can meet most competition needs with the least budget.Its rim diameter is also 700c,fitting for asphalt road and gravel road. A variety of rim sizes with different heights are available. Climbing, breaking the wind, triathlon and more.The Marvel is matched with ceramic bearing as standard, and the high-moisturizing ceramic bearing can also save you more energy.




Although the 700c has many advantages,it also has some disadvantages. Compared with the same rim,it reduces the speed slightly because of the inertia.Due to longer spoke and extra rim’s material, the 700c increases weight slightly.

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