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UNI Technology – The Lightest Carbon Bike Wheels Technology

UNI Technology – The Lightest Carbon Bike Wheels Technology

After two years of continuous experimentation on lighter carbon fiber materials and the research and development of resins by the Elitewheels team, a set of optimal material ratios was finally reached. It is between T800 and T1000 of Toray. This is the composition table of the special materials used in T800, T1000 and UNI. You can see its tensile strength, the tensile modulus should be more balanced.

UNI materials test values

In all the test values, the strengths of UNI are better than those of rims made of ordinary materials.
*All test data are from Elitewheels laboratory

1. Lateral Stiffness

Lateral stiffness in a rim speaks to the level of movement from side to side. Laterally stiff rims feel more responsive during powerful accelerations like sprinting. The power transfer value is more efficient, power transfer is more direct. Also, the steering and handling feel sharper.

Under the max load of 50kgf, the UNI 45-03 deforms 9.07mm, with an increase of 22% in lateral stiffness compared to a same-deep 45-01 rim (11.65mm deformation).

UNI Materials Lateral Stiffness

2. Positive Stiffness

The positive Stiffness indicates the range of weight that the rim can bear. Under different tire pressures and different rider weight conditions, any slight deformation of the rim directly affects the rolling coefficiency of the rim and tire. Under the premise of ensuring the maximum load-bearing capacity of 130kg, the rim is intact and rolls well riding through any road conditions.
Under the max load 300kgf,the UNI 45-03 deforms 8.2mm with an increase of 10% in positive stiffness compared to a same-deep 45-01 rim(9.06mm deformation)

UNI Materials Positive Stiffness

3. Spoke hole tension

The best spoke tension value is to ensure excellent rigidity requirements without excessive vibration. The test values of UNI 45-03 and same-deep 45-01 are very close, both are 340kgf. Therefore, it can be proved that the lighter spoke hole wall thickness design will not reduce the tension of the spoke hole.
UNI Materials Spoke hole tension

4. Impact Resistance

Under UCI’s test standards, we conducted 24 impact tests, one impact at the corresponding position of each spoke hole, and the rim was still intact after 24 impacts.

UNI Materials Impact Resistance

Lighter and stronger wheels are always our pursuit. Different rim shapes determine the aerodynamic performance of the wheels. More importantly, the competition wheels are focused on the most basic things. Power transmission and low loss performance depend on the rigidity and light weight of the rim. Of course, hubs and spokes are also crucial factors.

The lighter, more rigid wheels can accurately control the angle of entry when cornering at high speed, and the wheels can react quickly when sprinting and help you win.

These are the original purposes of our research and development of UNI.

For the UNI series wheels, 30 layers of carbon cloth are used to supplement the strength requirements at the main force position of each spoke hole. In the redundant position between the left and right spoke holes, we only use 15 layers of carbon cloth for reduction. Re-optimize processing it not only guarantees the tension requirement of the spoke holes but also reduces the excess weight.

UNI materials vs normal

UNI’s wider design, the inner width reaches 21mm, and the tire can use 700*25C~700*43C. It can meet more riding needs.

The left and right angles of each hole inside the spoke holes can reach 8.2°, and the angle of the upper and lower spoke holes can reach 3.4°, which can meet the angular demands of larger flange hubs of road disc brakes.

Not only that, on the premise of ensuring the tension of the spoke holes, we also need to consider the side rigidity of the rim. High-power input requires not only high spoke tension transmission, but also sufficient rigidity of the rim to be transmitted to the tire to roll. Therefore, we added 2.5cm wide T800 carbon fiber on the side of the spoke hole. Therefore, the side rigidity has been increased by 30%, which has a better transmission value than ordinary weight wheels.

Therefore, the UNI series is the lighter, stronger and more perfect rim you need.
Drive series wheel sets use UNI technology, combined with Elitewheels carbon spokes to produce the lighter, stronger and more perfect wheel sets you need.