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Elitewheels Marvel DISC

Elitewheels road bike wheelset disc brake.
Versatile, agility,durability, racing wheel, standard use of ceramic bearings. The best wheel set for you who have the dream of champions.
has 38mm, 50mm, 60mm, 82mm and other different width wheel options.
The shaft center and hub shell with ultra-high machining accuracy maximize the rolling coefficient of the ceramic bearing.


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Series Marvel
Rim Type Tubeless Compatible
Rim Depth 38/50/60/82mm
Inner Width 17-18.5mm
Outer Width 28mm
Front Spoke Pattern Radial/Two-cross (2:1)
Rear Spoke Pattern Radial/Two-cross (2:1)
Spoke Count 21F/24R
Spoke Type Pillar pa 1423
Nipple Type Sapim Secure Lock
Front Hub 12*100mm ceramic bearing
Rear Hub 12*142mm ceramic bearing
Brake Interface Center lock
Freebody Type 6 pawls
Cassette Body Shimano&XDR
Assembly Method Handbuilt
Extras Rim tape
Tyre Pressure 120psi recommended max
System Weight Limit 275lbs / 125kg
Recommended Tyre Sizes 700*25C-700*33C


38mm 1575g±30g
50mm 1660g±30g
60mm 1755g±30g
82mm 1945g±30g
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Marvel is the most representative wheel set of Elitewheels, which can meet your competition needs with the least budget. Marvel has a highly balanced rigid adjustment that can meet the comfort of daily riding, and is also capable of long-term sawing and sprinting at critical moments. A variety of rim sizes with different heights are available. Climbing, breaking the wind, triathlon and more.
The Marvel standard is matched with ceramic bearing, and the high-moisturizing ceramic bearing can also save you more energy.
If your budget is limited, then Marvel is your best wheel choice.
The disc wheel set will bid farewell to the brake troubles, no matter how long the downhill, you can control your brakes as you want.

Elitewheels SLT disc wheelset Rims

Elitewheels SLT disc wheelset Rims


Marvel DISC has 38mm, 50mm, 60mm, 82mm and other different width wheel options. You can also choose different widths of front and rear wheels. The standard is equipped with Pillar pa 1423 spokes, and it can also be upgraded to sapim cx. ray spokes. All Marvel disc wheels can use clincher tires and are compatible with tubeless tires. 700*25C-28C tires are recommended.

Elitewheels SLT disc wheelset Hub



The Marvel hub is processed by the Elitewheels factory itself. The front and rear hubs are all processed with forged blanks, and use FANUC five-axis CNC processing equipment from Japan. The improvement of processing accuracy can reduce the friction of the bearing and minimize the rolling resistance.

The front and rear hubs are all 24 holes, the front hub axle size is 12*100mm. The rear hub axle size is 12*142mm, which can be converted to QR specifications using adaptor. At the same time, SHIMANO and XDR freebody can also be replaced.

The default is the center lock.

Elitewheels SLT disc wheelset Spokes

Elitewheels SLT disc wheelset Spokes


The spokes of Aero pa 1423 are the strongest in the pillar. They are also AERO SPOKE. Compared with other spokes, under the same tension, the deformation of PA 1423 is the smallest, which means that PA 1423 can meet higher spoke tension need.

At the same time, the spokes of the front and rear wheels of Marvel DISC are built by 2X cross. The superposition of the inner and outer spokes increases the tension of the spokes on the drive side by 15%. When braking at high speeds, the disc rotor will generate huge traction on the spokes. If rim hardness is not enough, huge traction will make the brakes unstable, and in severe cases, the spoke holes will break directly. This is why we use the 12-spoke cross knitting wheel. At the same time, the 12 spokes crossing on the drive side can guarantee the power transmission on the drive side.

Elitewheels SLT disc wheelset Rim type

Elitewheels SLT disc wheelset Rim type


All Elitewheels are tubeless compatible.We design a R angle,The rounded edge makes tire installation easier and offers increased support during hard cornering with a softer edge and larger surface area.

Elitewheels Marvel disc wheelset Bearing



Both the front and rear hubs of the Marvel use ceramic bearings, the outer wall steel frame, and the built-in ceramic balls. The shaft center and hub shell with ultra-high machining accuracy maximize the rolling coefficient of the ceramic bearing.

Elitewheels Marvel DISC

Which axles are compatible with Marvel road disc?

If I have bought SHIMANO freebody, can I buy XDR freebody separately?

Can I change to 6 bolt lock?

Can I choose different rim depth for front wheel and rear wheel, for example, front wheel 60mm, rear wheel 88mm?

Can I upgrade to sapim cx ray spokes?

Can I choose “without decal”?

Can I choose hidden nipple?

Can I choose other weave?For example, 3k, 12k?

Which brands’ freebodys are compatible with Marvel?

What size of tire can I use?

Can I use tubeless tires?

Is ceramic bearing easy to be broken?

Is there any rider weight limits on Marvel wheels?


How long does it take before you send out my rims/wheel sets after payment?

What payment methods are accepted?

What shipping method do you use?

How much customs duties should I pay?

What if my parcel has arrived but damaged?

What guarantees will I get?

How to place an order?

What’s the minimum quantity per order? Is there a quantity discount?

Do you offer customized decaf or painting?

How to cancel the orders?


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