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DRIVE 50D Carbon Spoke

Distinctive and stunning surface, the best choice for champion riders.
The lightest carbon spoke wheel set, just 1300g, a perfect combination of climbing, cruising and sprinting.
With high-precision ceramic bearings, enjoy an excellent riding experience.


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Series Drive 50D
Rim Type Tubeless Compatible
Rim Depth 50mm
Inner Width 21mm
Outter Width 28mm
Front Spoke Pattern Radial
Rear Spoke Pattern Radial
Spoke Count 21F/24R
Spoke Type Carbon cs-01
Nipple Type Alloy Secure Lock
Front Hub 12*100mm Ceramic Bearing
Rear Hub 12*142mm Ceramic Bearing
Brake Interface Center Lock
Freebody Type 4 Pawls
Cassette Body Shimano&XDR
Assembly Method Handbuilt
Extras Rim Tape,Tubeless Valve
Weight F.580g R.720g
System Weight Limit 275lbs / 125kg
Recommended Tyre Sizes 700*25C-700*38C


This is a revolutionary wheel set across time, which creates higher performance advantages of carbon wheels. It is the lightest wheel set among the carbon spoke wheel sets, with just 1300g for a pair of wheel set.
Drive 50D uses carbon spokes, the wheel set has more direct conductivity, which is the immediate response after the force is generated.
The more aerodynamic U/V rims bring about more comfortable riding experience.
Drive 50D, both front and rear hubs use S&S ceramic bearing, makes you go faster.

Drive 50mm disc brake carbon spoke wheelset Rims

Drive 50mm disc brake carbon spoke wheelset Rims


Drive 50D uses a brand new look. The appearance of each rim was hand made and unique, with a different carbon fiber texture on each rim surface. Drive 50D has a rim height of 50mm, an inner width of 21mm and an outer width of 28mm. It was optimized again on the basis of the original U shape rim, the bottom was V-shaped appropriately so as to make a U/V shape. It can better reduce the lateral wind resistance, with the aid of CFD and wind tunnel testing, we can see that Drive 50D has 18% less steering torque compared to regular 50mm U shape rims, meaning Drive50D has better handling. 21mm inner width is compatible with wider outer tires, allowing you to ride under relatively low tire pressure, which increases shock absorption ability and brings you with better riding experience.

Meanwhile, Drive 50D uses next-generation UNI(*Read more about UNI technology) carbon fiber stacking technology inside the rims to remove the excess materials between the carbon spoke holes to achieve the lightest weight. Finally, combined with the latest UNI material technology, Drive 50D is the lightest and best climbing wheel set.

Drive aero 50mm disc brake wheelset Carbon Spokes

Drive aero 50mm disc brake wheelset Carbon Spokes


The Drive 50D uses carbon fiber spokes made of high-modulus carbon fiber wire. Carbon fiber spokes have higher rigidity and higher tensile strength, and the lateral response is 7% higher than that of the same steel spokes, and the high frequency vibration absorption capacity of carbon spokes is stronger than that of steel spokes. This is the biggest advantage of carbon spokes, not only light, the response is also more immediate when the force is generated. You can feel the direct driving power from the rear wheel when you pedal.

In the hand-woven wheel of the DRIVE DISC 50mm, the tension values for each spoke of the front and rear wheels were almost identical, reaching 145kgf.

Therefore, DRIVE DISC 50mm can provide better aerodynamics and excellent stability, allowing you to have an advantage in full sprint and high-power climbing.

*Read more about CARBON SPOKES.

Drive 50mm disc brake carbon spoke wheelset Performance hub

Drive 50mm disc brake carbon spoke wheelset Performance hub


Drive’s hub is eye-catching, stylish silver is representative. front hub uses 6803 ceramic bearing, rear hub uses 6902 ceramic bearing. The larger the bearing, the better the rigidity. On the premise of ensuring the performance output of the hub, we try to reduce the weight of the hub body and minimize the rolling resistance.

Drive 50D front wheel uses 21 spokes, including 7 spokes on the drive side, 14 spokes on the non-drive side. The disc brake side needs more spokes to absorb the force of high speed braking so as to make the braking smoother. The rear wheel has 24 spokes, 16 spokes on the drive side and 8 spokes on the non-drive side, leaving more spokes for power transmission and make the rear wheel more prominent in power transmission.

Drive aero 50mm disc brake carbon spoke wheelset Ceramic Bearings

Drive 50mm disc brake carbon spoke wheelset Performance hub


Ceramic bearings can make your speed faster. Both front and rear wheels of Drive use the ceramic bearings with very low friction coefficient. Ceramic bearing further increase the rim rolling efficiency with lower rolling resistance. At the same speed, you may have an obvious feeling that the low resistance ceramic bearing makes riding easier.

*Read more about ceramic bearings.


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