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What are the advantages of narrow/wide rims and their respective tires?

Elitewheels narrow and wide rim 1

Choose different tire width and shapes according to the road conditions. Depending on the purpose of the ride to choose tire width,then finding the most suitable rim inner width. Because wide tire has an advantage in handling and rolling performance, tires are wider than before in recent years. The choice of tire width has an impact on inner rim width choice. Besides, tire width is also limited by frame size.


Elitewheels narrow and wide rim 3

Here are two types of rim and tire.

The first one is wide rim and wide tire.The wide tire and wide rim are suitable for disc brake system, since wide tire needs more space between wheelset and frame. The best match of tires and rim width can provide better support for the tires,  which enables the riders to ride at a relatively low tire pressure. Wide tire and wide rim are the best choice for bicycle endurance and Gran Fondo bike due to greater comfort over long distances. It’s ideal for off-road gravel riding with wide tire. (especially for size 650b).


Elitewheels narrow and wide rim 4


The wider tire have increased contact area and decreased rolling resistance, wider contact area also improve stability and the control of bicycle. Besides,wide tires are more comfortable , which can be ridden at lower tire pressure due to better support and absorb the vibration from the uneven road. Meanwhile, they can improve traction when cornering. But wide tire and wide rim also have disadvantages. Due to the additional materials, wide rim and wide tire increase the weight and reduce acceleration. What’s more, not all the bicycle frames are suitable for wide rims and tires, so we suggest to ask the bicycle frame manufacturers about the maximum tire width suitable for your bicycle frame .


Elitewheels narrow and wide rim 5


The second one is narrow tire and narrow rim. Due to the narrow space of brake installation, narrow tire and narrow rim are suitable for disc brake or rim brake.The maximum tire width is about 25mm.

What‘s the scope of application for narrow tire and rim ?

Firstly, they are suitable for aerodynamic wheel set with rim brake.

Secondly, they are also suitable for road bicycle racing with rim brake or disc brake.


Elitewheels narrow and wide rim 1


Narrow tires and rims have the advantage of aerodynamic because of the reduced contact area with direct incident flow. They also have other advantages, for example the higher tire pressure also provide direct and accurate feedback. Besides, they can be installed on the traditional rim brake bike frame .


Elitewheels narrow and wide rim 2


But the narrow tire and narrow rim would cause unstable handling. Since higher tire pressure could not absorb shock and it increases the stress on the hub. Rolling resistance increases due to the narrow and slender oval contact area, and the traction reduces when cornering. Of course, the reduced comfort will make cyclists tired easily.


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