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Olive Haettmark,A Female Athlete Who Combines Talent With Diligence

Olivia Haettmark,a beautiful cyclist from Singapore,riding bicycle at least 3-7days a week.Due to her partner and friends,she loves cycling. In October 2020,she bought her first road bike and immediately became addicted to it.

Two years ago,Olive had been on the couch watched Netflix,stayed up late and also had a cheeky cider. It is cycling that changes her life style.Once she had the first road bike belongs to her,she would ride the bike in the morning almost everyday. Olivia Haettmark starts to enjoy this life style,free and relaxing.

Olivia Haettmark said the cycling community gives her a deep impression. She found many friends with the same interests and hobbies through this sport. They challenge themselves and always have a ton of fun.

“Not taking these moments for granted!”—— Olivia Haettmark

Although Olivia Haettmark have not competed in any competition but she is also keen to participate in some sport events such as recent Audax 300 in Singapore.She said there are too many strong women during this event that she had the pleasure cycling with.

As a new female cyclist,she had scored the fastest female athlete at least with an average speed of 30.2km/hr elapsed time of 13hrs2min and riding time of 9hr56min. It’s amazing that she spent time in cycling less than 2 years.She is simply a talent athlete!

She uses Elitewheels Marvel which is the most representative wheel set of Elitewheels and also meet competition needs with the least budget. When Olivia Haettmark picked up speed and riding at 35km/hr or faster,that’s when these give that extra boost.This give her a surprise. The Marvel is standard equipped with ceramic bearing,and the high moisturizing ceramic bearing can also save money.

Olivia Haettmark thinks it is a great price competitive product. Elitewheel’s wheels are cost-effective and reliable.

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