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Dealer wanted

We are building a huge sales network, which will cover more than 50 countries and more than 300 cities around the world. So we are looking for dealers for global cooperation. In order to protect the competitiveness of our dealers, we only build one dealer per city. Our business model is diversified, including online sales and dealer sales, For online sales, we have specially set a variety of product series at different prices. We have accumulated a large number of users and added more than 10,000 new customers every year.Strong customer groups can bring more customer groups for dealers’ sales, as well as value-added supporting business methods such as product after-sale and maintenance.

/// How to be a dealer ? ///

We will send a Dealer information form for you to fill out and send back to We will check whether your materials meet our dealer qualification within the shortest time.
After you pass the review, we will send you a dealer’s product catalog. You only need to order 5 pairs of wheels each time to get the dealer’s special price.

/// What will we do for dealers ? ///

1: The service
First of all, we will inform each of our Elitewheels buyers in your country that you are a dealer of Elitewheels in your country and that you will have the priority to purchase Elitewheels from the dealer if you need to continue to purchase Elitewheels in the future.
Secondly, if there are any customers in your city who buy from us, we will tell you the product model that the customer buys and ask for your opinion on whether you are willing to sell the wheels directly to the customers through your warehouse, and the customers will pay you directly.
Finally, if the wheels in use by the customer need to be repaired or upgraded accessories, they can also be served through you.

2: Material
We will send you a complete set of promotional materials, including knife flag, distributor certificate.

3: Publicity
We will look for suitable dealers in your country or city, of course you are welcome to recommend suitable companys or organisations to us. We might sponsor the dealers with some products.
We sincerely invite you to join our dealer group.


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