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What is the impact of rim-height ?

What is the impact of rim-height ?

During  cycling, rim-height  is important for aerodynamics,agility and weight of wheels set.The higher the rim-height,the greater the aerodynamic advantage.The lower the rim height,the faster the reaction and better handling during corners or when changing riding speed.While medium rim height  gets the balance of aerodynamic,agility and the feedback of cycling.

What’s the better type of rim- height ?

The first one is high profile rim whose height is more than 45 mm.It fits flat and slightly steep hilly routes,and also fits time cycle trial and triathlon.


Recently,many wheels producers would take rim height measures to get aerodynamics better,because the higher  rim-height can reduce the  stall phenomenon which is caused by lateral flow.When riders riding a bike ,the wheels will create sailing effect to save rider’s energy.The rim-height takes full advantage of aerodynamics.



But using high profile rims means it would consume too much material and the wheel will be heavier.The heavier the wheel,the more energy it takes.Heavy wheels would affect the bicycle acceleration.The area of contact between tires and air increases, susceptible to strong winds or lateral gusts.


Traditional rim height has produced more weight,but we overcame this problem by developing a range of products.Using carbon spoke to solve it.


Carbon fiber spokes have higher stiffness and higher tensile strength, the lateral response is 7% higher than that of equivalent steel spokes, and the high frequency vibration absorption capacity of carbon fiber spokes is stronger than that of steel spokes.


Let’s take Drive 50d as an example Drive 50D has the performance of an aerodynamic wheels set,but only the weight of a climbing wheels set.It combines the advantage of aerodynamic and slight weight,only 1300G,which is amazing weight.Drive uses Elitewheels’ unique product technology to achieve such an extreme.


The other one is low profile rim whose height is less than 45mm.This one  fits hilly route and also fits cycling races where the riding speed changes frequently.


The low profilerims’ advantage is obvious,because  its height means it would use less material then it could get lighter weight. Due to small contact area, it has better handling and can’t be affected by wind .Besides,lighter wheels make bicycle speed up quickly in a short period of time when the rider is cycling.Lastly, it makes the steering more responsive


But it has a  disadvantage,because the lowprofile rims are less affected by wind.It could not take advantage of aerodynamic when the rider is cycling to save physical strength,even to let the rim of the wheels appear stall.


This Drive 40D improve low profile rims’ disadvantage less affect by wind,it can provide better aerodynamics and excellent stability, giving you an advantage in full speed sprint and high-power climbing.



Given these two types have different the advantage and disadvantage,we recommend  Elitewheels Marvel ,it has 38mm,45mm,50mm,55mm,60mm,82mm,88mm and other different height wheel options, suiting for most riders and meet different request.The most important thing is that the price is very nice.

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